See Ya Later Ranch

My favourite winery in the Okanagan ( that is until I find a new one) is See Ya Later Ranch located in Okanagan Falls. You can look up how to get there but if you’re heading south on 97, it’s just before the bridge, and about 5 km up the windy Green Lake Road. It is a charming approach to the ranch and right away you are taken by the stretches of vines, the property with a beautiful view of Skaha Lake and the old barn. Our uber friendly hostess gave us the story about Major Fraser who lived on the ranch many moons ago, and he was a POW three times during the war. When he finally made it home to Ontario, he wanted a fresh start so came out to the Okanagan valley and set up this ranch. He was the ultimate dog lover, and several of the wines are named after his beloved pooches. They are a dog-friendly ranch and they sell some canine wares along with wine paraphernalia. A mere $5 allows you to test out the wines on their menu, after which you can stay for lunch if you like and sample their charcuterie board- Amazing!

Charcuterie included bison meat, pickled red peppers and melt-in-your mouth focaccia.
This barn is not where the tasting is located!

After I had tried their whites, I was was absolutely gobsmacked to discover that I loved them all! Seriously, this never happens to me. I may like a riesling but dislike the chardonnay or the ehrenfelser. It is always abundantly clear to me which kind of wine I like and I never get a hit on more than 2 in any given winery. So, my “winner” list included;

Jimmy My Pal-a blend of Chardonnay, Viognier, Gew├╝rztraminer and Riesling

Riesling 2017

Nelly 2018- ( Which they can’t keep in stock and I know why!) This is a rose made from merlot, Gamay Noir and Cab Franc.

NV Brut– a sparkling wine that is delicious! And last but not least,

Vidal Icewine 2016- a perfect balance and it’s not overly sweet.

Why I love this winery- It’s non-stuffy and non-snobby. The staff are so friendly and they sincerely love their jobs, plus their genuine smiles and interesting stories made our visit utterly memorable. The ranch provides a casual and down to earth approach, and the view is gorgeous.

The gazebo is a hit for weddings!

I will definitely go back!

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