The KVR trail-Part 1

Almost everyone around these parts knows about or has hiked a portion of the KVR trail. The trail extends from Hope to Castlegar and is a great activity for hiking enthusiasts, bikers, runners and pretty much anyone who enjoys a spectacular view. This describes only a small section of the trail network. I am determined to do many more.

A view of Penticton marina

You can join the trail all over the Okanagan, though we stepped onto the starting path at Vancouver Place in Penticton. As we parked, we stepped aside as several bikers whizzed past and we knew that we were in the right place. Almost as soon as we started, we got the payoff, beautiful views of the city and lake. The path led us past some overgrowth, peach trees, and Lakeview cemetery with its coned shaped trees and manicured lawns. The path meanders below Lower Bench Road on the western side of Lake Okanagan.

delicious peaches

The vistas sold themselves and vineyards in their pretty rows added interest as we hiked the relatively flat terrain. The trails go on for miles and soon we got parched from the heat. Time to hit up one of the wineries along the trail and enjoy a glass of chardonnay in air-conditioned bliss.

Hiking is so much enjoyable with buddies.

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